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Why you need to know about Hanseng e liquid?

Smoking is a habit that has been accompanying men for centuries. Tobacco smoking can be done in various forms. At present the most popular format is smoking a cigarette. There are billions of smokers in the world, ranging from occasional smokers to chain smokers who finish up multiple packs in one day. However along with its huge popularity, it is also proven that cigarette smoking is very injurious to health. It damages the smoker’s heart, lungs and is known to induce cancer. Smoke emitting from the cigarette is also harmful for those nearby. They are passively affected by it.

Even though it is common knowledge that cigarettes are harmful, people still keep on smoking it. The reason for this is nicotine addiction is one of the strongest in the world. It is almost impossible to quit it without taking any kind of help. Research has been going on for many years to find ways to make people free from nicotine addiction. Out of all the available methods, electronic cigarette is the most prominent and effective. Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cigarettes or personal vaporizers.

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The origin of e-cigarettes can be traced back to the 1960’s. The modern versions began appearing from 2004. After 2008, these electronic cigarettes became more improved. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered and contain liquid nicotine or e liquid. The liquid stays dissolved in a solution created by mixing propylene glycol and water which takes away some of its harmful effects. The nicotine content is extracted from tobacco, but there is no actual tobacco in the e-cigarette. When the smoker imitates the action of smoking on the e-cigarette, the battery fitted inside will heat and in turn will make the nicotine hot creating a vapour that goes into the lungs of the smoker. This will create the feeling of smoking in the person without actually smoking.

Simply put, electronic cigarettes will help you to satisfy your craving for nicotine without giving you agents of cancer that come with actual cigarettes. These agents include tar, many additives, hydrocarbon etc. it is not just healthier than actual cigarettes but you can smoke it without thinking about passive smoking or legal restrictions. As electronic cigarettes are tobacco free it is possible to smoke them in places which are no smoking zones, like restaurants and movie theatres. You can even use them in airplanes and trains.

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The nicotine is contained in a cartridge which is refillable. These cartridges are available in various flavours and strengths. You can go for strong, medium and light doses. Technically speaking electronic cigarettes are an alternative of smoking cigarettes rather than a device that helps to quit smoking. However as there are ranges of nicotine strengths, you can habituate yourself on light smoking and then try to quit it all together.

Though the concept of electronic cigarette is not new, its latest forms are much more different and effective. With advanced Hangsen e liquid, it is more close to the real thing than ever without incurring the damage.
Author Bio:- Jonatahn Andrews is a techie at heart and smoker by choice.After thorough research on electronic cigarettes and consulting several doctors, he has included this innovative style of smoking (Hangsen e liquid ) as one of his favorite tech gadget.

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