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Windows 8.1 – Let’s Take A Closer Look

While Windows 8 was just beginning to grow on us, Microsoft has announced an upgraded to its latest OS. This upgrade, termed as “Windows 8.1”, is slated to change some key aspects of the existing Windows 8 operating system, which includes reinstatement of the missing ‘Start’ button.

When Windows 8 was launched last year, it was welcomed with mixed reviews. While some applauded Microsoft for introducing a complete makeover in the appearance of the OS, others derided it for losing some features which were so dear to all of us (like the Start button). Microsoft is hence hell-bent to rectify its mistakes with the Windows 8.1, and create a OS which will be invincible in its own era.

windows 8.1
windows 8.1

So, what has Windows 8.1 to offer us?

From Start Screen to Split Screen:

With Windows 8.1, you’ll be having a list of apps on your screen arranged in an alphabetical order.  You’ll also have the option of moving your most preferred apps into the Start screen, and list them by “most used”. However, users habituated with the previous versions of Windows get to make app windows smaller or see which apps are presently running.

Windows 8.1 lets users slowly swipe from the left. This brings in one of the other screens  and a divider can be dragged between them. In short, what you get is split-screening. It is inferior to the simple experience of the previous versions, but it’s undoubtedly some start.

We Can Be Search Heroes:

The ‘Smart Search’ feature of Windows 8.1 will be the one to look out for. Simply put, the traditional Search feature of the Windows OS will now be integrating external web search and internal app search. Common search terms, like name of popular celebrities, are assigned “search heroes”. If you search for Lady Gaga, her search hero will give you her bio, some nice pictures, and a playlist which will play using Xbox Music. In short, this is your own replacement of Google. Unlike Google, however, Smart Search provides only a list of three results. Apps do have their individual search feature, but Smart Search rules them all.


Windows 8.1 starts from where Windows 8 ended. What has been known so far is a sign of clear improvement. But with this update slated to release in late 2013, it can be expected that Microsoft will be trying its best to improve a lot more.

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