With The New Honk App, You Can Save Now Avoid Unnecessary Parking Tickets And Remember Where You Parked Your Car

Listed on US App Store’s Ten Essential Navigation Apps, and UK App Store’s App of the Week, this High Definition app for iPads and iPhones called Honk can perform the dual functions of remembering the place where you parked the car, as well as avoiding unnecessary costs on parking tickets.

All you have to do after parking your car is to swipe your finger on the screen of your device. As you close the app, your car location will be marked on its map. When you redirect your steps towards the car, this app will “honk” you, according to the description on Honk’s App Store.

 Image Source : itunes.apple.com

Honk also comes with a notepad which users can utilize to note down the exact location of their cars. They can also take a snap of the exact location, and then superimpose it onto a note.

The app has received positive reviews right from its launch. Users say that this app is elegant and easy to use. It includes features such as updating the app icon with sufficient time remaining on the meter, and making annotations on the picture to remember the exact parking spot. Priced at one dollar, this app is quick and efficient in processing and retrieving data, and can help users to effectively save on parking charges.

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