With The Simple Thinglist App, Users Can Now Save Recommendations And Ideas

image source: mashable.com
image source: mashable.com

What do people do when the websites they build get sold off twice over? Apparently start designing iPhone apps.

When the online community of developers and designers named Forrst was taken over by Zurb in the month of January, having previously been owned and neglected by Colorlovers since previous March, Kylie Bragger, Forrst’s creator, left behind his website designing days to explore new avenues of working as an iPhone app developer. His first challenge to iOS is the beautiful new Thinglist app, which is nothing but an innovative note-taking app.

Thinglist was unveiled on Thursday and is priced at $ 1.99. It is an intuitive app that is designed to allow users to make quick notes about recommendations and ideas that can be made use of later on. All the user needs to do is to select a particular category from a variety of options that are available- like books, music, food, person etc.- and then type in the notes with some description details. There is also a bookmarking option for people, ideas and places that can be accessed later on.

Bragger can be credited with the design of several web apps, two of them being Strekly.com and Facto.me. He is also experimenting with, with his bookmarking service called Sets, that is still in the beta version and is used by some thousands of users.

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