Monday, September 27, 2021
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Yahoo’s New Weather App Offers Location Specific Images to display Weather Condition

It is difficult to say what the cloudy afternoon in Minnesota will look like, sitting in Manhattan. The latest standalone weather app for iPhone, released by Yahoo can make it possible with its amazingly clear images to bring out the exact weather condition of a particular city to your iPhone.


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According to Adam Cahan, the SVP of Mobile at Yahoo, what people do these days is reading about all details regarding weather conditions of a particular area. The new app is aimed at making people experience the perfect condition of weather by showing image of a particular place at a particular hour. Collecting data points about the weather condition is a different thing. The new app allows incorporating Flickr images from different locations to get the perfect visual representation of the weather condition there.

The user can get a full screen image on the iPhone and the details of weather information are displayed in portrait mode. No information apart from the name of the photographer is overlaid in the landscape mode of the images. Every single image along with the information on it can be flipped like postcards.

The “Project Weather” of Flickr is the source of most of the images pulled for display on the iPhone. The community of Project Weather on Yahoo is dedicated to weather photography. The group is open for any amateur or professional photographer to submit his work. So, it can even be an image taken by you that lands on your iPhone after downloading the weather App. The image is chosen only after the approval of a staff member of Yahoo.

The images vary based on the time of the day and the weather condition of the particular place. You cannot see the image in the evening that you viewed while going out for office. The photo-updating procedure becomes more frequent if the group (Poject Weather) has more photographs of a particular place. Frequent weather-updates of the big cities are likely to be received, compared to the smaller ones as the group has more images of the bigger cities.

Apart from getting the images depicting exact weather-condition of a particular place, with this Weather App of Yahoo, you get quality information about the weather of a place. You will receive everything from five-day forecast, information related to pressure and wind to radar showing an overview of weather condition and the times of sunset and sunrise.

According to Marco Wirasinghe, the director of mobile and emerging product’s division in Yahoo, this Weather App is ideal for anybody wanting to have a virtual tour of a particular place on a certain weather-condition.