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You Choose The News: Facebook Shows it First

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What if you could customize your newspaper? Yes, you can. It is not a very difficult task anymore as Facebook has come to your aid. If you do not think that the videos, news and stories that Facebook is offering you are not of prime importance, you have got the chance to customize it your own way. So, now you get to choose the news you want in the News Feed. Redesigning allows them to organize the primary scroll with music, game, photos and other categories.

The Facebook wizard, Mark Zuckerberg said that this feature will create probably the best customized newspaper in the world. Much has been talked about the prioritization of news on the newspaper section of this social network site. A new “Switcher” flips through it to help you to allocate different news, the position you think they fit in.

While responding to a recent criticism that Facebook suppresses normal posts to make way for the paid ones, Zuckerberg said that their algorithm has no intention to discriminate against unpaid posts. Facebook is working under tremendous pressure between risking their users alienating from this social network site and pulling up advertisements as well. Last year, it has become a public company. Since then, its mobile revenue has shot up from almost 0 to around 23%. Does it mean that Facebook is only for those who pay?

Facebook is desperate to shed that accusation off their process. A new feature now lets the users choose what they want to be at the top of their Home page. Switcher is the algorithm that decides what should go first in the News Feed.

Now you might be complaining that a tweak in the constant algorithm of Facebook means you miss out on latest updates from friends. According to Chris Struhar, the tech lead in the company’s News Feed department, they will make sure that Facebook users do not miss updates from friends. The ‘following’ feed offers you update from people or pages you follow. In that mode also, all the news feed are put in chronological order that even content publishers get to know about all the posts they create.

Many are seeing Switcher as an answer to the critics of EdgeRank. The redesign does not deprive the user of anything, rather they just allow them to sort through them, on their own. Avichal Garg, the News feed product manager admitted to The New York Times reporter Nick Bilton that this fact troubles even them that more engaging stuffs often get replaced by high paying ads. But, henceforth , their aim will be to put up the right content in the right position.