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Your iPhone Will be Charged in 2 Hours: Thanks to a Portable Solar Charger

Solar chargers for many gadgets have already replaced their electrical counterparts. The one created by Brown Dog gadget can charge your phone in only 2 hours. This is a solar array of multiple cells packed in a portable folded package.

Brown Dog Gadgets‘ has designed this charger to be cheap and simple in its configuration. Three versions of it has already been designed. There are three cells in every model and a USB port for connecting the gadget for charging.

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The 5-watt version of this solar charger takes around three hours to recharge your phone. Joshua Zimmerman, the proprietor of Brown Dog Gadgets said that this is the smallest version of the model. This $55 product sends 1 amp power to its USB port at 5volts for charging the iPhone.

The 7watt, bigger version of this charger that sends 1.5 amps current to the USB at the same voltage will be available at $70. This one charges your iPhone in two hours. The 10watt solar cell array is the largest among the lot, which is available for $90. This portable package of 3 cell array is 32.5 inches wide when opened, but can fit comfortably inside your pocket after getting folded.

Your phone might lack charge at an hour when you cannot get direct sunlight. Brown Dog has solution for that as well. A lithium Power Bank is offered along with the cells array for storing power received from direct sunlight during the day. That power is transferred to the solar arrays through an USB port. Stored power can be used to charge your iPhone during night.

The Power Banks has a cylindrical shape and is available in different sizes, while the basic $25 can store energy from a 2,600 milliamp battery. This device stores enough power to charge at least 95% of an iPhone 5 battery. The larger versions with the capacity of 5,600 mAh and 10,000 mAh can recharge the iPhone four times a day and have two USB ports each.

Each of the solar arrays have a suction cup to get attached to the window properly for gathering energy from sunlight. According to Zimmerman, charging from your iPhone with this device should not be more difficult than charging it through your iPhone charger. He has also promised that the price for these products will be almost half compared to its competitors.

So, this summer, you have got a great use of all the sun that will heat your window panes. Be it a beach holiday or a camping trip, there is no need to carry your heavy cell phone chargers to everywhere. Your iPhone gets charged on the go, as the sun does it through your USB solar cell arrays.