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Zagat, now a part of Google

Google’s latest capture has amazed many of us. Zagat, the content company generating user contents is now a part of Google; in fact the later has bought Zagat as an effort to augment growth of local companies.

Zagat, one of the leaders in delivering the most trusted contents by consumers is now in the hands of creative giant Google. So long the former has been generating the most valued reviews of consumers and is a popular brand in the same sphere.

Today the powerful duo is planning to give consumers a stronger platform to share and voice their opinions. Zagat is now considered to be the milestone for all local offerings Google aims to provide its consumers.


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For those of you who were anticipating a big venture by Google are yet to read the reasons why the web giant decided to buy Zagat. Here they are:

  • You won’t believe but Google is going for its local coverage from now. It’s going to cover more than a hundred cities and get fed by local reviews.
  • Since Zagat is completely a social brand, it’s very much in sync with Google +.
  • Google will now own user generated contents and produce it to consumers from across the nation.

As it is the local coverage of Google needed a push badly, this venture is likely to give the best results in the forthcoming years.

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